My Life at Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong 2011-2013

Passing on the Torch

Nope, I didn’t plan to write any more articles for this blog (though I am planning on continuing my blog on UWC stories, now that I have settled into university!) but I have to share so much LPC news with you! Most importantly: The tradition of German blogging goes on! My Zeroyear Arzucan Askin, also elected by the Deutsche Stiftung UWC, has not only launched her own blog about her time at Li Po Chun UWC, but also wrote an article for SpiegelOnline, one of Germany’s most renowned news portals. Under the headline “How I shocked my mother”, Arzu writes about her preparations and excitement, and tells us a little secret about how her United World College adventure started. Many articles in her blog remind me about my own start and life at LPC: Dealing with too heavy luggage, parents who would prefer to see their child at a European UWC and the very first typhoon. It’s wonderful to see that our UWC experience is so alike, though we are two generations apart!

Quite a few of the new Zeroyears but also current Secondyears at LPCUWC have blogs of some sort; which I find admirable (like this one from Vilma, the current Firstyear from El Salvador, this one by Firstyear Natalie or this one from Secondyear Gabe). I really love that: Sharing those exciting stories and letting people all over the world be part of the UWC experience is a wonderful to promote UWC and the values it advocates. I can also see this in the steadily increasing traffic on the LPCUWC Facebook page which I am very glad to see in good hands now – though I have to admit, that I didn’t stop posting updates on LPC life once in a while, since I still feel so involved and am in frequent contact with my friends back there anyway. The connection to UWC never rips off!

“LPC has shown me that kindness brings kindness, happiness brings happiness, and being good to others fills the entire world with goodness. To trigger changes in the world, I have to be the one who takes the first step.” – Cengiz, Turkey

Last but not least, let me draw your attention to my Firstyear Gabe’s new Facebook page “Humans of LPC”: Inspiring quotes (as above) and stunning stories by real LPC students! Feel free to like and follow!


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