My Life at Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong 2011-2013

The word of UWC, I mean. I have recently enlarged the circle of newspapers and magazines I write for and am now also author at Jádu, an online German-Czech Youth Magazine initiated by the Goethe Institute in Prague. Jádu its written in both German and Czech; we authors write in our mother tongue and our articles are then translated into the other language. This way, everyone can learn more about their neighboring country or see their own country from a new, outsider’s perspective. A great concept! The three main categories are “Life”, “Job” and “Culture”; every four till six weeks the magazine also has a new “Theme”, under which articles demonstrating different views on the topic are published.

My start-up in this magazine was, as it usually is, an article about UWC and especially my own experiences in Hong Kong. Representing those two years in only around 5000 characters is not quite easy, but I think I could still give a broad overview about my UWC adventure. The article is in German and Czech, but as usual one can use google to get some sort of translation. Enjoy!


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