My Life at Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong 2011-2013

Departure. Long had it shadowed over us, but we had always pushed it back into some hidden corner of our conscience. Now that the first Secondyears began to leave right after the graduation ceremony, the word and its meaning pushed its way back to our mind, occupying it fully and taking priority over everything else – even sleep, since some of us left in the early morning or late night hours, and none of us wanted to let them leave un-hugged and -blessed. So many of us stayed up for long the last days, constantly on the run between yearbook signing, the canteen, clearance stress with our block teachers, and the gate, where most farewells took place. My newsfeed on Facebook slowly filled with people updating their profile pictures to roomie photos and the number of statuses of thank-you and farewell grew hourly. I’d like to allow myself to quote from some of my co-years’ reflections, to represent not only my own emotions concerning the end of my life at LPC, but also those of my whole year group.

“It was hard saying goodbye. I know I don’t need to explain it to any of you since you were all there, but I want to say that you (co-years, second years and first years) have become my family and my best friends. Reading the letters and my yearbook on the boat coming back home made me cry and touched my heart so much. We made it. We finished the crazy adventure we started two years ago, and we finished strong. I’m so proud of the people we have become and feel so honoured to have been able to grow up with all of you these past two years. I can’t believe it’s over but I know that I will see the ones that matter again someday, somewhere. I’m not worried about that. I guess I just want to say thank you. Thank you for all the insane, unforgettable memories and for the immense amount of love that have shaped me through this experience.” – Mia (China/ Argentina)

“There is much saudade in my heart for a place that will soon no longer exist, a beautiful place with beautiful people who have a whole lot of heart. a place that I have come to call home. I now look at a map of the world and realize that there will be smiling faces waiting for me wherever I go, and open arms that will embrace me no matter how many years it has been. LPC is home for me, but now because of it I can call the entire world home. I cannot articulate what a blessing LPC has been to me, and even though there has been work, stress and tears, for every ounce of that I have had friends, laughter, fun in equal measure, and after that, strength to carry on. I am home now, in my own bed, staring out of the window at an alien view. I used to wake up to birdsong and trees, and the various different alarms of my roommates as we all crawled out of bed one by one. We had our different rhythms, that somehow worked together so well. I miss your voices, and when I close my eyes, I can still hear them as though it was yesterday. But I cannot go back, and this is today. […] LPC 2011-2013. I would do it all over again. Thank you all for being a part of me, and making me a part of you.” – Fernanda (HK)

“Thank you, Li Po Chun United World College, for the absolutely life-changing two years. I will never again be in a high concentration of talent and altruism that inspires and provokes me daily. For the class of 2013, we have had a helluva ride. In the first days we were still just children thrown into a confusing but colorful LPC. Now, we are mature men and women who have conquered LPC and are ready to assess, adapt to and conquer the rest of the world. For the class of 2014, revel in every dang opportunity you have. Work hard, play hard, build meaningful relationships.” – Jason (New Zealand)

“If I were to say to my 5 year old self that I would meet so many inspirational, strong, breathtaking people at a school just 30 minutes away, I would have laughed. 13 years of education (and counting), words cannot describe the beautiful 2 years I’ve had on this campus. Ups and downs, laughter and tears, insecurities and revelation; LPC gave me more than an education, it gave me a chance to truly understand myself. […] I did not anticipate how a true ‘international’ experience would impact me in so many ways. I learnt how to defuse moments of tension arising from cultural clashes. I learnt how to hug a person depending on their nationality, religious beliefs and occasion. I learnt to hide my smile when the continent of Africa was referred to as a country. I learnt that ignorance is never bliss, that when living, eating and breathing with peers from over 80 different countries, this was the best education you could ever get. Most importantly, I learnt that who we surround ourselves with in these penultimate years will shape and carve our vision and mission for the world.” Lilian (HK/ UK)


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