My Life at Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong 2011-2013

This is not the End

I am now home. I spent my whole morning and early afternoon in our kitchen, drinking the green tea that my roommate had given me, reading my yearbook over and over again and writing blog entries about my last days and moments at LPC. Now, there is no more to write. I am home, the “story” of my graduation, of two years United World College is told.

I must admit; I already miss my roommates and friends, waking up to the view on the bay and mountains. The fact that I can be indoors without getting bitten by mosquitos is a boon. I will have to find new things to do on Friday and Saturday nights; the beach and the stairs, where we would hang out together, are clearly too far away now. Sushi and post stamps will never be as cheap again, and thunderstorms never as exciting. The home fridge now offers real and healthy food; and I believe I should not even suggest having condensed milk on white toast for breakfast anymore. Working-out side by side with teachers and their spouses in the gym is probably something, that I’ll equally not experience anymore. There are many details of all-day-life in LPC that I have always ignored, though so substantially different to life back home, that now, in form of memories, come back already with all their force. But still, I’m not sad.

I moreover feel incredibly glad, blessed to have been able to experience the last two years in the way I did. I look back and I see how much I have grown and developed. I look around my room, and can assign memories and events to all the souvenirs and pieces of clothes that I have already unpacked; the pants my buddy brought my from Thailand last year, the blue jumper my tutor Julie gave me so I would survive the cold of Guangzhou during China Week in my 1st year and the green shirt from the Turtle Hospital in Hainan from this year’s project week. I look into the future and I can see more challenges to face and overcome, plus a gigantic UWC Alumni Network of 50’000 caring people to always support me and offer me a bed in every single country in the world. I’m already excited about my invitation to the German Alumni gathering in July and the Graduation celebration, where I’ll meet all my German co-years from other UWCs. The many adventures and experiences of the last two years have shaped me in a way that I believe no other place could have, emphasizing my strengths and talents and letting me grow out of weaknesses. I may have come to LPC with an idea of the UWC values, but only at a United World College itself could I understand and learn what they really mean – something that is impossible to summarize in a blog entry, but would rather require a whole book to express.

The many people who made it possible for me to live this experience and were part of it, will always remain in my heart and mind. None of this would have been possible without the German National Committee, to whom I remain grateful for having chosen me to send on to this adventure; without my family, who, convinced of the UWC movement from the very start, supported me and my dreams throughout my journey; without my teachers, who have always endured to be inspiring, encouraging and understanding and were part of my experience far beyond the classroom; and without my own Second-, First- and Co-Years, for whom I fear no words would be enough to express my gratitude, appreciation and affection, even love.

Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong was and remains my dream school; and if I could, I would choose to go the same path all over again. Now it is up to me to go forth into the world and use my education, knowledge and newly shaped values for the better of this world and the people on it. I was sometimes before criticized for my idealism, openness and honesty, and dream of changing the world. Being at a UWC however showed me, that exactly these are part of the right attitude, if you want to move mountains. UWC gave me everything I wanted; taught, challenged and shaped me in every aspect. It is now my turn to go out there to spread its word and mission and give something back to the world.

I’d like to end with a quotation from English novelist Terry Pratchett: No more words. We know them all, all the words that should not be said. But you have made my world more perfect.”


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