My Life at Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong 2011-2013

The Final Exam

Michi and I were the last ones to finish the LPC IB exams of this year; our German Paper 2 was still waiting for us this morning at nine am. While a black thunderstorm was raging outside, we sat in the Lecture room together with our Director of Studies, commenting eagerly on Brecht’s “Life of Galilei” and Dürrenmatt’s “Physicians”, our German flags hanging from our shoulders and the clock relentlessly ticking over us. Eventually, after eighty minutes, both of us finished early. Agreeing with a silent stare, we turned around to our DOS, who could not contain his smiling. “Can we leave early?” He laughed and reminded us that we are technically not allowed to talk during the examination and then asked if we were both done. We nodded, and he checked the invigilator’s handbook. “Well, here it only says that students should not leave early so that they don’t disrupt others. But if you’re both done, I guess there is no disruption…?” We grinned, bathing in our success and quickly handed him our answer booklets. Then we left, ran out into the rain, smiling at each other from one ear to the other. We were done, done with the International Baccalaureate, forever. All the hard work, all the hours of pain and frustration, three weeks of examinations – they lay behind us, and freedom ahead. I have three more days here in LPC and Hong Kong, with last events today and tomorrow, graduation ceremony waiting tomorrow evening, clearance, packing… I am more aware than ever before that whatever I do, could be the last time I do it. And to know that makes the new gained freedom from the IB somewhat bittersweet. As Nick, the DOS wrote on the LPC Facebook Page: “The happiness of completing the exams is tinged with the sadness of leaving friends” – I wouldn’t have been able to phrase it more perfectly.


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