My Life at Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong 2011-2013

Burning Our Education

My last weekend in LPC is over. Bam. Sudden realization. Another two days of exams, tutor brunch, graduation dinner, yearbook signing lie ahead of me. The weekend itself could not have been more relaxed and celebratory. Friday night there was a big barbecue at one of the BBQ places out of campus, where many students came to grill steaks and sausages on the grill, chat and laugh. Everybody had to bring their own meat and drinks and the atmosphere was one of ease; candles brought some light into the darkness and people sat together reflecting about their last two years or looking ahead, with mixed feelings, to the last week of the LPC that would come. The BBQ was followed by the very last BOB, a gathering at the beach. This time, my last time, the bonfire that we were sitting around was not made of twigs and branches from the surrounding area, but, traditionally, the most detested IB notes: People brought stacks of paper and threw them into the flames, sheet by sheet, announcing, which exact past paper or failed test was about to perish in the blaze: “Math, October 12, failed!” – “Chinese Ab, character exercise – never again!” The fire burned brightly, building a pile of ashes as we watched the flames die out slowly.13279_10152809557475244_1986083371_n


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