My Life at Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong 2011-2013

Hong Kong Is Home.

While I’m busy with preparing my Biology Higher Level exam, which is waiting for me tomorrow and on Tuesday, I’d like to share this video with you, that is on its way to going viral on my Newsfeed. The video touches me a lot, because it manages to grasp on to the diverse, impressive and sometimes overwhelming nature of this city I could call my home for two years now – and which I will leave not too far in the future. Yes, while I am busy studying and barely leave my desk for anything except the canteen or some rare sunshine, the days left till my departure back home have started to draw closer and closer to the one-digit-line. I remember when I put a timeline up onto my wall, on which I had written all numbers from 1 to 90, crossing one off every day. Slowly, nearly unnoticed, the uncrossed column grew shorter and shorter while I spent my time at Cultural Evenings, first IB exams, tutor group meetings or with friends and teachers. This morning I looked at it, and could see the sobering-up number of 13 staring right back at me. That’s when I realized that in between my Biology exams next week and my French and German exams on the 20th to 22nd of May, I better get out there and see some last bits of this fascinating and simply gorgeous city. This video was a gentle reminder, coming at the right time.

The video is called Hong Kong is Home. The creator, Javin Lau, wrote in its description: “I remember when I first arrived in Hong Kong almost a decade ago, I felt like I had walked into an actual movie set. It was a place that I had only seen on TV as a kid, with its strange red taxi’s, odd stop lights and driving on the other side of the road. My intent with this project was to illustrate the grandeur of Hong Kong that most people would never get to see. When I had recently watched the movie Oblivion, it had somehow starkly reminded me of Hong Kong, with the feeling of being so insignificantly small — almost irrelevant to my surroundings. Hong Kong is an unbelievably dense city, where much of the world can be accessed at your fingertips. But in a city where you can access the material world in a matter of seconds, it also has the ability to isolate you from the 8 million people around you as well. With this piece, I hope that you are able to engage in this contradiction.”


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