My Life at Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong 2011-2013

Bye-Bye Shakespeare!

428636_430574253704892_1125541334_nLoud animalistic roars could be heard when the first group of students left the big gym at 4pm and ran out into the rain. Hands and shoulders soared towards each other, handshakes and high-fives were exchanged, people patted each other’s back, hugged their friends and classmates. We all just finished either our first or even second IB exams and are done with the respective subjects – in some cases forever. Bye-bye English (Literature, in my case), bye-bye Economics. One down, five more to go. I have a little less than a week till I have to sit my History exams, Math will follow right after. And then I have a whole weekend dedicated only to Biology. French and German exams won’t be until the very last week of my LPC life, so so far there is nothing to worry about those subjects. And yet… the feeling of finishing a subject is overwhelming. The acts of crossing an exam off your time table, deleting all the notes you ever took during the classes and handing down your stack of paper notes which you prepared with to Firstyear students are simply not comparable with anything else you ever experienced in your school life. They’re a small step forwards the last exam, towards graduation, towards summer and freedom. The end of my twelve years of school draws closer and closer. And as my friend back home said: “The best attitude is not: “Urgh, in one hour I have subject X” – but rather “yay, in three hours I’ll be done with X”. With that in mind I shall quickly return to my desk in order to revise Mao’s and Hitler’s rise to power, differentiation and human physiology. Add oil!


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