My Life at Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong 2011-2013

So far it seemed to me that there are two major things that bring the whole UWC community together – gay rights and human rights. And those are even very closely connected. This week however, we could witness a whole new area of mutual excitement, namely when a former Australian UWC student from the United World College in Costa Rica, Jonathan “Jono” Leschinski posted a photo into the ‘UWC Alumni” Group on Facebook, which has over 10,700 members. It was a photo of his design of a UWC Onesie, which sparked an absolute hype in the UWC Community. “This is an item that is designed to bring the movement closer together!”, Jonathan wrote,  “it’s not about countries, or schools, or generations. Let’s not forget that! We are all working as one movement, for a united vision of ONE PEACE!” His designs quickly reached hundreds of likes, and in the spreadsheet that he set up to find out, who’d be interested to buy one, more than 700 people signed up. “I am humbled,”, the initiator of the idea wrote, “and in many ways, confused. But mostly amazed. :)” He has now gone on to figuring out the concrete design, colors, company and price and we will surely hear from him very soon. For better communication, he has even set up a “UWC One Peace” Page.528166_10151719699988296_1066826295_n

This is all very exciting and I can’t wait to spend my first winter at university cuddled into the warm blue or green of a United World College Onesie! But the real message of this is not “Wear your education on your body”. The message is: This is only one graduate and his idea. What can we achieve if we all give something back to the UWC movement, that gave us so much more for life.

If you are interested in purchasing one of these fabulous onesies, add yourself to the spreadsheet and you’ll be contacted when things are set up and ready to go.


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