My Life at Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong 2011-2013

Apart from the LPC World Cup and the simultaneous Earth Day Beach Cleanup, this weekend we also hosted the annual UWS E³ Charity Concert here at LPC. UWS is one of my Quan Cais and stands for United World Schools, which is an NGO working to build and develop schools in rural Asia with the help of students from United World Colleges. It’s motives? Empowerment. Education. Equality. Therefore the E Cubed. UWS aims at giving women and children, especially girls, the opportunity to receive education where they normally don’t have access to it (currently in Cambodia) and runs several fundraising projects – like this charity concert! Tickets were 100 HKD, which is around 10€, and we sold blue UWS bracelets at the entrance, too. All money that was fundraised will go to the United World Schools fund to help build and run those schools in Cambodia and rural Asia.


The performances at this years E³ Charity Concert were absolutely stunning. We didn’t only have LPC performers, but also students who came to sing in front of us from other schools, including some really talented young musicians! One of these was Julian Pang from ITC, who performed Rihanna’s song “Stay”. He seemed to be a very shy guy, sitting on the chair in the middle of the stage, not sure where to put the hand that was not holding the microphone and nervously  moving his legs all around, simply not able to keep them still. However, as soon as he opened his mouth and the first words slid into our ears, we were simply baffled – his voice was beyond all expectations. Many said, that they had goosebumps.

Another student from outside, Claudiu Liu, performed a song that she had written herself: “It’s a little bit angry,” she said, “but I think it gets the message across.” The song was called “Everything You Do” and dealt with an oh so common teenage trouble: The end of a disappointing relationship. A great song by a great singer!

Eventually of course, also LPC students performed, most famously my maybe most favorite singer Gaelle. You might remember, I wrote about her before: She is “the girl from Haiti” and stunned us to tears in the first music night she sang at. At the E³ Charity Concert, she performed together with her roommate Stephanie- and once again, the two really got our hearts beat a little faster, this time with Bruno Mars.

Absolutely stunning! The whole concert was a full success. Though we faced some last minute organizational problems, like a change of venue and less than expected people sitting in the audience, it was a great evening for everybody who came to listen or perform and we all enjoyed it a lot. I’d say that was a well-spent 2,5 hour study break! The rest of the videos from the evening can be found on my Youtube Channel. Enjoy!


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