My Life at Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong 2011-2013

This Saturday, there was another yet very exciting event happening at LPC: Our annual football World Cup! The teams were split up by regional groups; there was ACE, ECE, CCE, the Americas (which the Latinos and NACE joined together, otherwise both wouldn’t have enough people to play), MESA and APEC. The tournament started as early as 10am and lasted till five in the afternoon; but as always in LPC, you could find a horde of cheering supporters in the gym all day long. Every cultural group played against each other, and in the end of the day, the two with the highest amount of points got to play against each other in the Finals. The was high tension in the gym throughout the day, especially when equally strong teams played against each other, or our own cultural group was on the field.DSC00219

There were high expectations of ACE, MESA and APEC, since their teams were composed mainly of members of the LPC Football Team and in the end of the day it was no surprise when ACE played in the finals, against ECE – literally every single player on the African Team was a strong member of the LPC Team. We Europeans really didn’t have a lot to cheer at during that last game – though our team did get a bra thrown at them, for some reason… ACE had won in the first ACE-ECE game and, although it had been a long day and most of the players were injured or sore already, they boosted that by winning the Finals with an overly clear 6:0 – in twenty minutes. It was a very dramatic game – full of tension, but definitely worth watching. The atmosphere of competition quickly vanished after the end of the game though. ACE acted very humble about their success and didn’t make a big deal out of it. Soon, everything went back to normality – except for a last email by Football leader Alisher, who announced the winners and thanked everyone for coming.DSC00236 DSC00312

^ The European team (ECE) getting ready for the final match. DSC00291

^ The score chart just before the last game, ACE vs. ECEDSC00281

^ Every team had their own colors – CCE, e.g. was red (surprise, surprise)


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