My Life at Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong 2011-2013

Boys in Dresses

I know it has been quite a while, but today we had a NACE (North-American Cultural Evening, happening this friday!) run-up event that I could simply not not share with you: Gender Swap! This event was part of the NACE spirit week, in which the NACE students give us themes to dress up as for Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. “Tomorrow, we’re hoping to see a lot of pretty men and handsome ladies”, they wrote in yesterday’s email, announcing today’s theme. All evening long, boys ran up and down our corridor, comparing shoe sizes, asking for dresses and learning how to put on bras. Today then, many arrived in shorts skirts and skintight dresses, showing off their (mostly missing) curves and commenting on how it was either very airy underneath or how they could barely move without revealing too much of their figure. Others wore girl school uniforms, a local firstyear came to school in my roommate’s kimono and one boy had even shaved his legs just for this event! Now that’s what I call dedication…! For the girls, it was of course a lot harder – apart from mustaches, shirts and baggy pants we couldn’t come up with many ideas. But for the boys, this day’s theme was definitely worth it!

DSC03169 DSC03167 DSC03160


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