My Life at Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong 2011-2013

LPC on Facebook!

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As some of you might have realized, I have decreased my work on this blog over the last few days. This is for no other reason than me being stuck up till my nose in work, IOCs and exam preparation. Seeing that there are only a little more than four weeks left till final exams, this will most likely not change much in the following weeks, as I will devote most of my remaining time to studying. However, there is another possibility to stay updated on LPC life during this time through my own voice and photos: In the beginning of this school year, I was invited to a meeting with the principal, yearbook team and development director. Since then I am part of the “LPCUWC media strategy development team” and in charge of Social Media. Arnett, our principal appointed me administrator of the official LPCUWC Facebook Page and responsible for all kinds of media documentation. I work closely together with our Alumni Network, Director of Studies and Development Director. Already being a journalist and LPC blogger, this task links perfectly to what I was doing already. To keep yourself updated and connected to everything that is going on in LPC I hence highly recommend you to like the LPC Facebook page. Since I am working on it, the likes on the page have increased by over 400… let’s see if we can reach the total mark of 2000 likes before my graduation! My own blog will still get updated from time to time; there are more student portraits, one more Cultural Evening (NACE!) and of course all events concerning graduation coming up.

PS. All contributions to the LPC Facebook page by me are labelled with my initials: [LS]


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