My Life at Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong 2011-2013


This afternoon, I went to Ma On Shan with my buddy David for some awesome buddy dessert, and that is when I realized that I have never even mentioned the best of all deserts on my blog so far. So here you go: May I present to you the best, most various, most delicious and most creative and interactive desert of all time, beating all ice-cream in the world: FROYO! Froyo is the shortcut for Frozen Yoghurt, a desert firstly introduced in the USA in the 70s and now particularly popular in Hong Kong. I personally love Froyo by now much more than ice-cream: It tastes less sweet (especially the green-tea-flavour!) and also contains a lot less fat than milk ice-cream! Most companies in Hong Kong, like Hey YO! or mini mini Frozen Yoghurt let you serve yourself: You take a small cup and put some of the frozen yoghurt inside (which looks just like soft ice-cream), and then you can choose from literally dozens of toppings! I personally prefer fruits and sprinkles on top, but there are gummy bears, chocolate chips, brownies, cornflakes, oats, chocolate sunflower seeds, chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, strawberry sauce, fruit bubbles and so much more to choose from! You can basically have a different Froyo every single time you go. I really love this. Even my brother said, when he was here in Hong Kong for Chinese New Year: “Why don’t we have this in Germany?” I totally agree. That only leaves one option: Eat as much of it while I’m still here – and recommend it to all future visitors of LPC and Hong Kong! DSC09515


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  1. Seit April 2012 auch in Dresden: Prager Str. 7
    Also schlemmen auch zuhause möglich.
    LG Anne

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