My Life at Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong 2011-2013

Carrots for the Lions

DSC02991Chinese New Year Holidays are coming to an end, so I want to finish them with a small recount of my very first “salad toss” experience; a Chinese CNY tradition bringing luck and blessings. The “salad toss” is a ritual in which a Lion Dance team goes around public buildings, e.g. the embassies or – like in this particular case – a mall, to get fed and thereby bless the ‘food donors’. In the mall we were at, the shop owners or employees hung bundles of salad and carrots above their stores’ doors, together with a few red packets containing money. Then the lion and his drumming team came, he kneeled in front of the porch, then jumped up in an instant and ripped the bundle off the door. He would then lie down and pretend to eat the food, throwing all left-overs around. At last the lion toured around the particular shop and let the owners and employees stroke his fur. Afterwards, it was the turn of the next shop. The whole ceremony was incredibly loud, the drums echoing from the mall walls. Many locals and tourists that were in the mall at the time came to see the lion, took pictures of him or tried to stroke him, too. I had never seen this “ritual” before, so it was a special Chinese New Year experience for me this year.DSC02986


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