My Life at Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong 2011-2013

A Perfect Show

On Sunday night, Li Po Chun hosted the first ever Parent’s Night, an evening solely dedicated to our current and prospective parents. It was the first time that LPC did this, and everybody, especially Arnett and Celine, who is our Development Director, was very excited! The school organized a dinner, where parents of current and prospective students could sit together and exchange ideas and experience of UWC. The current parents could tell the “new ones” how they had experienced their child’s development at UWC, or what difficulties and challenges they had faced. They prospective students could get rid of their worries and questions and everybody had truly inspiring and clarifying talks during dinner.

DSC01430Of course, the dinner was followed by one of our legendary cultural shows. And I must say, that this might have been the one I enjoyed most so far – even though most of our shows and cultural evenings are individually too epic to be compared to each other. However, this show was just all in all perfect. We had dances from all over the world, the choir and individuals singing, a circus performance and a teacher performance! Our lions might have pulled off their best show so far, and our dragons staged breath-taking tricks and dazzling stunts. Arnett and Li Ping, our Chinese teacher, sang together in Chinese, while two other teachers performed with circus plates. My roomie Catherine amazed everyone in the crowd with her Diabolo skills. She had even prepared the Diabolo with lights, that glowed in the dark according to how fast and in which direction the Diabolo was spinning! None of her tricks went wrong, she fully mastered her performance!Screen Shot 2013-01-29 at 10.58.51

DSC01446Our cultural dances were greatly varied: Eclipse danced HipHop and contemporary dance, Tavishi and our University Counsellor Kalpana danced the traditional Indian dance, our Latinos pulled of Samba, we saw the Haka, and our African’s performed a dance that was so rhythmic and cheerful that I saw many moving around in their chairs, dancing a little, too. All in all, the show presented quite a portion of life in LPC – and the moderators added to the atmosphere with small stories and jokes about their roomie life and Quan Cais. The show ended with legendary Gangnam Style, “the song we couldn’t escape in 2012”, as one of the moderators announced it. First, only a small group performed; later they called everybody else on stage and all the students danced together in front of the parents, cheering, laughing, singing. It was a perfect and spontaneous end to a marvelous show.

Parent’s Night revealed to me once again one of the main reasons for which I am here at UWC and what I gain from this education: International and intercultural understanding. I am very sure, that all our current and prospective parents who watched the show either in our Assembly Hall or live-streamed online, had the same impression. And that alone made the night a great success. I must also add, that this whole night had yet another purpose, apart from showing the awesomeness of LPC to parents. LPC also raised money for the UWC scholarship fund with this event, and we acquired more than 300’000 HKD from this night. That is nearly a full scholarship for LPC! Parent’s Night was hence a full success – and just perfect to get us students even more excited about the Chinese Cultural Evening tonight!

Note: You can watch the whole show online here. Enjoy!


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