My Life at Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong 2011-2013

Under The Pier

Yesterday afternoon, Prodhi, my Bangladeshi co-year, and I went to Sai Kung to walk around the harbor a little and inhale some fresh air. We watched the fishermen on their tiny blue and red boats drifting on the dirty harbor water, smoking cheap cigarettes and selling their fish to the people standing on the pier. We realized that they had a very interesting way of conducting their sales: The interested buyers would shout down at them from the pier, indicating which fish they’d like to purchase. Then the fisherman prepared the order right on their boat, slicing and cutting whatever had been requested, and, in a plastic bag in their long hand nets, held it up to the pier to the buyer. The buyer would take the bag with the fish, put a few dollar notes into the net and the purchase was completed without the fisherman having to leave his boat. This was a very interesting procedure to watch, especially as both Prodhi and I agreed that at home it would only work, if the fish would be paid first, so that the buyer could not run off with his purchase without paying. DSC01207DSC01214


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