My Life at Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong 2011-2013

“One Day A Week…

DSC01140… Cut out the meat!” From today on it is official: On Mondays, the LPC canteen will offer but vegetarian food. Following the trial period in November, Li Po Chun UWC is now proud member of the global “Meatless Monday” movement that promotes vegetarian mondays in order to secure personal and global health and save our planet’s resources. 70% of those that responded to a survey on the topic, which was sent to students, teachers and support staff, supported the Meatless Mondays. Reducing the own consumption of meat is not only an issue of individual nutrition, it also an important factor in enhancing a better environment by working against climate change and saving lots of water per piece of meat. According to the Huffingtonpost, decreased meat consumption could “make the carbon footprint nearly 28 million tons smaller per year by decreasing greenhouse gas emissions”. The Telegraph adds that “a ‘low-meat, high-efficiency’ scenario would lower carbon dioxide levels […] enough to keep the rise in global temperature below the two-degree threshold which is seen by climate experts as the maximum ‘safe’ increase.” It hence seems that the Meatless Mondays are a valuable first step towards – effectively – saving the world and following the UWC values of personal example, a sense of idealism and respect for the environment.


Comments on: "“One Day A Week…" (1)

  1. That’s a wonderful idea!!
    I will propose this at UWC Mostar! We’ll see what our hungry meat eaters will think of this! :)
    Regards from Mostar,

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