My Life at Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong 2011-2013

The Weekend, EE and Me

Last year, when my Secondyears were stuck in this phase, I thought this point was still very far away. Eventually, it came quicker than I thought: the Academic Weekend. Something that many firstyears see as some sort of horror weekend and most secondyears consider as either the opportunity to throw a LAN-party or to finally get done with their work. Being on Academic Weekend means that some or another deadline (mostly it’s the Extended Essay or the TOK Essay) is approaching very soon and you still have to work for it, or that you already missed a couple of deadlines. The Academic Weekend is then supposed to ensure that you take your time to work and finish whatever you still have to do. Starting from Saturday morning at 9 am, the students have to be in the library all day till 5 pm, with a two-hour lunch break in between. Attendance is taken and if you finish your work before Sunday 5pm, you may submit it to the teacher and leave early.DSC01138

Even though I’m done with most of my other work; my EE deadline is drawing closer and closer, and to ensure that I actually finish and submit it by Monday evening, I am on the Academic Weekend list – even though I doubt that I will be stuck in the library with my EE till the very last moment. Currently I’m not doing much other stuff except for my EE, so that should be done soon and then I have fulfilled one more quest on my path to graduation! I have thought about changing my question very often but eventually decided to stick to my original one. Now I just have to focus my facts and analysis more on that question. Despite being on Academic Weekend, I look forward to the end of this week. I will finally get all my work left done, and on Sunday evening I’ll be rewarded with our arranged German Dinner! This will be a perfect end to the first week back in school.


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