My Life at Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong 2011-2013

Haircut Gone Wrong

In LPC it is very common to cut each other’s hair. Hairdressers are not expensive in Hong Kong, but many students have had bad experience with local hairdressers as those are not as used to cutting the thick, curly and frizzy “oversea-hair”. Especially boys regularly get haircuts on campus and there is a whole bunch of girls who are known for their professional skills. Sometimes however, LPC haircuts
196893_361535597278026_1623172793_nend up being nothing less than a disaster – just yesterday we had that situation again. Maddie, my co-year from the U.S. has a very short haircut and needed someone to cut it, giving our firstyear Shira the responsibility for
it. Wrong decision. When I came into the bathroom, Maddie’s hair looked alright from the front but was interrupted by a cut looking like stairs in the back. Shira hadn’t cut the hair from the top down to the back, but simply horizontally chopped off some of it. It looked dreadful. Luckily, in LPC, when these kind of things happen, nobody is left alone and everybody tries to help out in some way or another. Somebody brought sharper scissors, someone else chocolate and tea for Maddie and my roommate and I started to plan and start fixing the haircut. In the end, it didn’t look perfect but certainly alright. “You can just pretend you’re a teen in your period of rebellion,” we told Maddie. And she replied, that it would grow out in a month anyway. Happy end!


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