My Life at Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong 2011-2013

Perfect Monday

Mondays suck? For today I would seriously disagree. Although my schedule for the next days and weeks is quite full again already, this first day back in school was simply beautiful. In History I got my grade for the History IA, which I had written about minors used as spies by the Ministry of Security of State by the former German Democratic Republic. The hard work paid off, and my IA was a full success. What a great way to start into the last term of school! Later in the day, after finishing all my homework for the day and revising a little, I took some time for myself and had a run down the Ma On Shan Pier towards sunset. The Pier is always full of young and old people who watch the waves and fisher boats, or jog, like I do. Especially for old people, the Pier is a relaxing  place to sit in the warm winter sun and watch the day and other people pass by. It is this side of Hong Kong that I really adore: The slow and peaceful side of it, in comparison with the usually fast and success-orientated attitude dominating the city. It is astonishing, how these two worlds slip into each other so easily. When I was already running back to LPC for dinner, I realized for example, that the new skyscraper-like living buildings next to campus, not far from the Pier, which were only started when I came to Hong Kong one and a half years ago, were nearly finished by now!DSC00019

The workers just finished their day and walked to the MTR station, chatting in the shadows of their own creation… This monday was a perfect mix of school, local experience and time for friends and self. I wish every day could be this balanced!


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