My Life at Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong 2011-2013

IMG_0025My suitcase is unpacked, my chocolate stored on the shelf and my tea in a box and now I’m only waiting for my two local roomies Catherine and Nancy. First stories and impressions of each other’s holidays have been shared: India, Cambodia, Thailand, Beijing and of course “home” – people have traveled to great places! My own flights were nothing special this time: the plane food was not even close to edible and of course 
there were crying babies on both flights I had. In Munich I met two of my co-years, Milena and Biljana, and together we waited for our plane. In discovered a green lounge for passengers in Munich which even offered napcabs – comfortable looking sleeping cabins. Each cabin contained a bed with white sheets and a tiny table, and could be entered through a glass door. As everybody was peeking into the cabins, there was a curtain that could be drawn from the inside to keep ones privacy.
IMG_0028On this flight to Hong Kong I could barely sleep, and so it came that I was awake and by coincidence looking out of the window when we passed over the Himalaya. That was a really spectacular view! I could spot tiny villages in the valleys and rivers among gigantic mountain caps with white snow on top. There were mountains as far as I could see! It was absolutely fantastic. The sky was so clear that I could explore every detail, and even later some mountains peeked through the clouds. I’ll never forget that view! I showed it to my seat neighbor, a big Australian tourist who had visited friends in Germany, and together we stared out of the window in awe. The Australian and I had started talking as soon as he sat down next to me. We never told each other our names, but that didn’t matter. I explained the UWC movement to him and he told me how he had grown up on a farm near Cairns in North Queensland. I was especially interested in Australia’s toad problem so he told me how his family and him had even started hunting the plague on their own farm. I also asked him about his trip to Germany. Apparently he was mainly intrigued my four things: the masses in Berlin for New Years Eve (over one million people had come to the celebrations), the snow, the beer and our autoroutes without speed limit. We had wonderful talks about life in general, Germany and Australia – even though I had to concentrate a lot to understand what he said, due to his strong accent. Yet it was certainly one of the best flight seat neighbors I had, so everything was alright. Finally, I arrived in LPC. Now all that’s left to do is wait for my roommates and friends to finally arrive, and get ready for school starting tomorrow!


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