My Life at Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong 2011-2013

The Final Countdown

The days of this blog and my time at LPCUWC are counted: now there are less than five months left to finish what begun nearly two years ago. My plane to the far East starts in around six hours, for the last time until further notice. When packing, I only had one thought in mind: “Whatever you take, has to fit in five months, too”. That’s why my suitcase now weighs no more than 16 kg and is mainly filled with sweets, bread and tea. When I look forwards to the next weeks and months, I see two cultural evenings, many more music nights and cafés, a project week in a sea turtle hospital in Sanya/ China, and exams, exams, exams. But I also see many moments of farewell and goodbye, the graduation ceremony and graduation dinner. Our secondyears’ doesn’t yet seem too long ago, but time passes faster than one wishes. From now on I know that every time I do, see or hear something at LPCUWC could be the last time. With that in mind I am more than ready for the final countdown. Let’s bring these two years to a glorious end!


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