My Life at Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong 2011-2013

Coming Home N°3

We made it. We Secondyears have survived Term 3 of the IB, and the Firstyears have made it through their very first three months at LPC. Many are already on their way home or traveling around Asia and India, others are still busy packing and saying “Goodbye and Happy Holidays”. I have packed, my suitcase weighs 19.2 kg, my bed is made and my laundry is done. In five or six hours I’ll head for the airport, readier than ever before to finally go home. The last few weeks and months were more than simply stressful, they were a complete and utter nightmare – and  probably still the best nightmare I ever had. We Secondyears were busy with thousand essays, TOK presentations, IAs and our Extended Essay, not to mention university applications and winter planning. At the same time we tried our best to support the Firstyears, welcoming them to LPC and making them feel as comfortable as possible – without forgetting about or own timetable, of course.

Many of us made it through numerous nights with only a couple of hours of sleep, we successfully organized several amazing Cultural Evenings and the Year Two Theatre Students performed wonderful and inspiring IPs, we got closer as a family in fantastic outdoor Block Activities and witnessed the US Presidential Elections together. And, not to forget, we celebrated LPC’s 20th Birthday and UWC’s 50th Anniversary. What an exciting term this was! My last hours in LPC just prove the awesomeness of UWC once again: As the last meal of this term was today’s breakfast, students from all four blocks gathered in the Block 3 Dayroom and made their own lunch. We cooked kilogram after kilogram of pasta, and everybody brought extra food and topping from their fridges – whatever they had left. There we were, students from Poland, Germany, Nigeria, the US, Hong Kong, Iran, Morocco and Israel, all excited for Christmas holidays, cooking noodles and tomato sauce together in a frying pan. This is what you call a UWC moment!

Before I now close my laptop, store it in my hand luggage and leave for the library, to print out my flight ticket, I want to finish this blog entry with the words of my Mexican Firstyear Ana: “I’ve just realized how much I love this place, I realized that this has finally become home and that you guys are my family. I want to thank everyone for this amazing term. Having it’s ups and downs like everything in life, coming to LPC is one of the best things that could’ve happened to me, amazing people, amazing experiences and memories. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and the best is yet to come!”


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  1. Gerlinde-Susanne said:

    Hallo, Lara. Ich verfolge Deinen Blog seit Beginn und bin jedes Mal auf’s Neue begeistert wie lebendig Du schreibst. Man hat fast das Gefühl, dabei zu sein. Ich bedaure es jetzt schon, dass es diesen Blog nur noch ein knappes halbes Jahr geben wird und wünsche Dir ein schönes Weihnachtsfest und alles erdenklich Gute für Deinen weiteren Lebensweg.
    Herzlichst, Susanne, eine UWC-Mutter.

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