My Life at Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong 2011-2013

They see us rollin’

The latest, once again absolutely gorgeous Block Activity of Block 3 took place this Wednesday in Tai Mei Tuk, a picturesque village between the dark harbor and high mountains fading at the horizon. The landscape was simply breath-taking: the tall residential buildings were far far away, and so was the tiny glimpse of LPC which we could still recognize at the horizon. Small yellow boats with green numbers painted on them, were drifting on the silent water, old women sitting at their edge, holding sun umbrellas while their sons or husbands row them across the waves. There are several restaurants along the streets, and endless construction sites.

DSC00345The people of Tai Mei Tuk had brought their old furniture – arm chairs, wooden chairs, sofas – out on the streets and to the bus stations, so that people can sit comfortably outside. There are also many many bicycle rent shops around the village, and when we arrived there, one of those was our first destination. The students and teachers split into groups of three and each trio got to choose a cart.DSC00378Two people sat in the back, both pedaling and one steering, and the third person got to sit in the front, having both a wonderful sight and no work to do. I got together with Annemaayke from the Netherlands and Amaya from Nicaragua – and we were an awesome team! We pedaled all around the coast, racing with the other groups, painfully jolting over the slow-pace-bumps in the street and crashing into street signs. The first meters were dominated by collisions and screams, till we discovered the brakes and everything worked a little smoother. We pushed the cart up a hill (following the instructions at the side of the road: “Stop cycling and push! For your own safety!” and ended at a beautiful pier surrounded by water.

DSC00398The teachers and we students had a lot of fun. We raced along the pier, screamed at the top of our lungs, held on to each other’s cars while cycling along the road, pedaling till exhaustion. We didn’t even think about resting, but rushed up and down the pier, singing christmas songs and watching the old men controlling the small red kites high up in the sky. Eventually we stopped at a small shop at the end of the pier, which sold drinks, chips, kites and bubble-kits. We bought ourselves ice cream and sat at the edge of the docks, took roommate- and team pictures, talked about our Christmas holidays and simply enjoyed the warm weather.


The locals of Tai Mei Tuk watched us laughing and running around, posing for one picture after the other. There was a group of old men surrounded by a vast amount of tiny, fluffy brown dogs, which sat down for a cold beer, several couples who enjoyed the landscape view – and our teachers, standing in a circle like teenagers, comparing their greatest moments of cart-racing on the pier. What a marvelous day! If any of you ever comes to Hong Kong, you must absolutely visit Tai Mei Tuk. It is very different from the touristic Hong Kong and mind-blowingly beautiful!


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