My Life at Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong 2011-2013

Ninja Time!

Before the APEC show, there was, as usual, a great regional dinner. Our APEC students had cut and cooked all Friday and Saturday and served delicious Sushi, Korean pancakes, Tom Yum (a spicy soup from Thailand), Satay chicken (grilled meat, served in sauce on a wooden spear), Taiwanese soup dumplings, Japanese Temmpura (deep fried fish), Korean beef, Thai coconut dessert and much more! The dress-up themes for the different residential blocks were K-Pop, traditional tribes, ninjas and the tropics. Considering the other ones, I think that Block 3 (ninjas) had the best dress up theme for this Cultural Dinner! DSC00047


Comments on: "Ninja Time!" (2)

  1. Angela Stuhrberg said:

    Hatte die Überschrift nicht gelesen und schon “Burka“ Time befürchtet ;)

    LG Angela

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