My Life at Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong 2011-2013

Yesterday’s Cultural Evening was definitely one of the Top 3 I have seen so far. The show lasted for only around ninety minutes and didn’t include as many dances as other Cultural Evening usually do. Yet all the scenes and actors were carefully chosen and the jokes didn’t loose their magic and effect, even though I had already seen the show several times at rehearsals – which I personally see as a sign for a very good show, if jokes are still good the fifth time you hear them!

DSC00130The whole story was based on the APEC trailer that had been released earlier: A young couple is separated in North Korea and then travels around the whole Asia-Pacific world to find each other again. They visited all the countries of the region and experienced great adventures in each of them. With a big amount of self-humor, the biggest clichés and prejudices were mixed with traditional and modern dances – a perfect combination! Especially in the Japanese scene, old and new were very well combined by both the scenes and dances. Cuteness overload!

In Taiwan, Bong-Cha, the girl, was introduced to the local cuisine by our Taiwanese twins: “We’ve got everything: Chicken feet, pig blood, snake soup and even the chicken testicles! You name it, we’ve got it. Taiwan will touch your heart!” In Japan, Chunk-Yu, the boy, and his helper Eugin made their first experience with the wonders of automatic Japanese toilets, and Eugin won against a Sumo Wrestler. The big, fat Sumo Wrestler was played by Secondyear Hannah, who wore a red body-suit filled with pillows and blankets. She had tied her hair up to a bun and looked just perfectChunk-Yu meanwhile accidentally received a happy massage by two ladyboys from Thailand and Vietnam and saw an amazing Korean Taekwondo Show:

The dance that I participated in for this Cultural Evening was the Haka from New Zealand. The Haka is a traditional war dance often performed before rugby games and hence is by now worldwide known. Haka is mainly danced by men and a very aggressive dance, so some other girls and I danced in the back row:

The whole of APEC was very cute and I was quite happy to see, that this show did not involve the legendary Gangnam Style. That dance had been a hit in our International Cultural Evening in the beginning of the term, but would have been far too over-used by now. The students had put a lot of effort in the whole show, and when I saw it on thursday night at the rehearsal, I already thought it was pretty good. In case you are wondering: In the end of the story, Bong-Cha and Chunk-Yu find each other again at the boarder between Malaysia and Indonesia and, even though they have both lost their passports, are let through to each other after they declare their “true love”.DSC00154

They are married in front of a cheering and celebrating APEC crowd when suddenly one of the North Koreans who had tried to find the escaped couple, appears in the middle of the wedding: “No! These two cannot marry!” The crowd is outraged, claiming that it is too late for objections. “Who do you think you are?”, Bong-Cha cries out. “Your mother!” screams the woman, and everybody gasps. She then points to Chunk-Yu: “And his!” While both APEC students and the whole audience cheered and applauded this unexpected turn in the plot, the lights dimmed out, a student screams “to be continued” – and the Closing Dance starts. DSC00156

What a good show! There was some great humor (and lots of cross-dressing) involved and the audience was lying in their seats. APEC combined cute with hilarious, professional with passionate and eventually came up with a fabulous show. Thank you so much to all the students involved; this evening will stay in my mind for a very long time!


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  1. Thanks for a great recount of what I’m sure was a great evening!

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