My Life at Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong 2011-2013

Hot ‘N Spicy

After the massages of last week, we had a new APEC run-up event yesterday afternoon: Our “Spicy Challenge”, a competition between all LPC blocks! Basic aim was to answer the question: How hot and spicy can our blocks go? The competition rules were simple: Three representatives from each block worked together as a team to eat lots of Migoreng (instant noodles) and thereby defeat five spice levels. The first level was the normal Migoreng Sauce, which has a quite low spice level. Level 2 was Tabasco Sauce, Level 3 Wasabi, Level 4 Chili Sauce and finally the ultimate highlight – Level 5   consisted of real Thai chili. Each team member had their own bowl of Migoreng for each spice level. And oh, it did get really spicy!DSC00540

One member started eating – using chopsticks of course! – and when they finished, the second member started, and when they finished, the third member started. The time that each team needed for each level was recorded and the competition continued until one team reached the highest level of spice possible. To tempt the members of all teams to give up, there were two cups of milk at each team table, to  moderate the hot spices. However, at the first sip of the milk, the drinking team would be disqualified. The whole competition grew into a real battle. People were screaming, yelling and jumping around, shouting encouragement and cheering for their teams: “Precious, Precious! Amir, Amir, Amir! Nabeeeeeeeh!!”DSC00552

It was a wonderful atmosphere full of enthusiasm and excitement – I loved it a lot! The three competitors on the two picture above are all from Block 3 – and they won the prize for us! The results were eventually calculated by the time and Block 3 came first, Block 4 second, Block 1 third and Block 2 last. However, Block 1 can be left out, because they gave in the temptation and drank the milk!


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