My Life at Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong 2011-2013


For our most recent tutor dinner, Michael, the firstyear from Czech Republic, and I were in charge of cooking for the whole tutor group. Thirteen hungry mouths to fill, that is quite a challenge! Also, this was a special dinner, as it was the farewell-dinner for Arvel, Julie’s housekeeper from the Philippines who is going back to his family this week and will be replaced by a new housekeeper. To celebrate this farewell, and because we are both very passionate about cooking, Michael and I decided to create an exceptional meal. We were given 500HKD – around 50€ – to buy all the ingredients we needed, so on Tuesday in the late afternoon we made our way to Ma On Shan’s Park’nShop to buy vast amounts of tomatoes, potatoes, eggs and ice cream. Our menu was set and composed of no less than three courses. First, we wanted to serve tomato soup with crunchy bread, baked in olive oil and butter. Then we planned on a dish that I had come up with myself and that we called “German’s farmer dish” (Bauernpfanne). The recipe for the dish is very simply and the ingredients are probably available in most countries of the world: potatoes, tomatoes, bacon, cheese (to melt on top… mhm!), zucchini and egg. Utterly simple, yet extremely delicious. Even Willow liked it a lot, same as our tomato soup! For dessert we finally came up with a special highlight of the dinner: pancakes with ice-cream and hot fruits on top. You would be shocked at how expensive fruits like raspberries and blueberries are here in Hong Kong! When cooking in the afternoon, Michael and I had a lot of fun together; arguing about sugar, salt and pepper amounts, discussing gender roles in the family, talking about how we cooked at home and threatening each other with the ladle. We both panicked when the oven started to make weird noises and nearly forgot the prepare a vegetarian dish, too. And even though we didn’t work too much in the beginning of the afternoon  and got a little stressed towards six o’clock, when we were supposed to serve our first dish, we made it all in time – and the tutor group, including Willow, was stunned by the huge and magnificent meal! In the end of the evening, Precious, my co-year from Nigeria, wrote to us: “Dinner today was much much lovely. Still craving the potato thing! YUM!!! Thanks guys…” Good to know that we filled everybody up on both food and happiness! Meanwhile, Michael and I have decided that we should cook together much more often.


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