My Life at Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong 2011-2013

Candle Light Dinner

This wednesday, as usual, our tutor group had another tutor meeting – and it was probably one of the loveliest we ever had. We ate Indian food, first of all because of Diwali, the festival of lights, and secondly because the father of Anamika, our Indian tutee, had come to visit. So Anamika and her father cooked real, Indian food for us! How exciting! We others set up the table, and put in a huge effort, to make it look as nice and cozy, as possible. Willow was already sleeping, so we dragged chairs and tables into the middle of the dark courtyard and arranged them in a way that in the end we had a very, very long dining table for all twelve people to sit at. We set up candles in marmalade glasses, picked some flowers and used pink and orange striped curtains as table sheets. In one of the classrooms around, some one was playing piano, which only added to the wonderful atmosphere we had tried to set up. Anamika and her father brought a huge amount of delicious smelling food out to the table. It was like having Chungking Mansions in LPC – just even better! There  was Goan Fish Curry, Chicken Butter Masala (my favorite dish by far!), Aloo Mutter Curry (curry with potato and peas) and Kheer (reispudding). The dessert, served first, consisted of Bad Am Barfi, kite-shaped almond paste with real silver beaten on top, like spray paint. Yes, that’s right, we effectively ate real silver! Wow! The dinner was wonderful, and I especially liked the Mint Lassis we had to drink and that were made of real, fresh mint – something you don’t come across very often in Hong Kong. What a wonderful tutor dinner … The smell of Indian curry lingered around the courtyard for the rest of the evening.


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