My Life at Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong 2011-2013

5AM On The Roof

This morning, my roommates Nancy and Catherine from Hong Kong and Shuhey, our Firstyear from Japan, did something rather unusual: Catherine got up quarter to five in the morning, checking the weather. The sky was clear, with only few clouds obstructing the view, so she woke up Nancy and me. We grabbed our flip-flops and blankets and tip-toed down the corridor and up the staircase to the Block 3 roof. Shuhey joined us a short while later, and we all sat on the roof’s ‘railing’, watching the sky. The reason for this weird, nocturnal behavior? As Catherine has a keen interest in astronomy and keeps track of NASA news and satellite movements, she had read, that the ISS, the International Space Station, would pass over Hong Kong this night. It was supposed to appear at around 47° in the North-East at 4:59 AM and visibly travel down the sky for around two minutes. So there we stood, waiting in a fresh autumn night for a tiny light in the dark sky. Well, the effort was worth it! At around 5am, amongst the many other stars, a very bright light appeared in the sky, rapidly traveling down the sky. We stared at its movement, waved at it – Shuhey said there were Japanese astronauts on the ISS right now – and waited till it disappeared. Then we went back to bed and catches another hour and a half of sleep before our morning blocks. What a great way to start into a Tuesday!


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