My Life at Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong 2011-2013

Zombie Apocalypse

News Alert! Yesterday night, the Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong in Ma On Shan stood under sudden invasion by a mass of zombies who appeared from nowhere and gathered in the school’s courtyard at around 7.30 pm. Blood dripping from holes shot into foreheads, some serious fire injuries, heavily sleep-deprived students and many others, covered in blood and ripped clothes, came together to silently stare at each other and eat brownies. Some dumb blonds were viewed as well, yet ignored by the zombies due to their lack of brain, and some slightly injured zombie fighters had made their way through, too. However, the zombies had not come to do any harm – witnesses were very surprised to find that the only reason for this exceptional gathering was … a show! 

Yes, that’s right: our last Café’s topic was “Zombie Apocalypse” – and accordingly we had a lot of half-dead, heavily injured people sneaking around in LPC’s court yard. The show was very long for Café-standards and lasted nearly two hours! There were several games, including apple bobbing, and of course many musical and other performances. Mia, my co-year, performed a very creepy monologue about ‘her’ and her barbie doll; Amanda from Brazil danced to Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal”; our Eclipse Dance group danced as well, and all the latinos sung a very lovely spanish song together – unplanned, but still beautiful:

Another great performance was brought together by Michi and his school band. Even though the song did not have many lyrics that the audience could sing to; those few words, we screamed them nonetheless. Have a look at “Tequila!” –

Once again, a great Café. It really contributed to the amount of cultural and exciting things that were going on this weekend and I particularly liked the dress code!


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