My Life at Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong 2011-2013

Happy 20th Birthday LPC!

On tuesday evening, the 6th of November 2012, the Li Po Chun United World College celebrated a very special day: it was the exact date that, twenty years before, the college had been opened by Prince Charles of Wales. Hence the whole school, students as well as staff, came together in the canteen at six o’clock, all dressed formally or in their national costumes, to celebrate LPC’s birthday together with a special dinner. The food was amazing! There were pasta squares, pork spits, sushi, tomato and mozzarella, various salads, brownies, prawns and much more!

As I said, everybody had dressed up formally or in their national dress and once again I was stunned by the variety of cultural backgrounds we have here on campus. Some people swapped their dresses, for example Suh-Yoon from Korea, Tara from Lebanon and Tavishi from India, as seen in the picture above. All three lovely girls obviously had lots of fun to slip into each other’s country’s spirit.

The anniversary dinner did not last for too long – only a little more than an hour. Still, everybody had lots of fun (and incredible amounts of food!). The highlight of the evening was clearly the final slicing of the huge birthday cake that the canteen had provided: Delicious white cream, soft fruit topping, glowing candles and a white chocolate platelet that read “LPCUWC 20th Anniversary”. Arnett gave a little speech and, as unfortunately the one teacher that has been at the school since twenty years as well was out of campus, eventually three of our teachers that had been at LPC for the last nineteen years, blew out the candles. Arnett then cut the cake and everybody got a piece. What a wonderful celebration! The whole school really enjoyed it with all their heart.


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