My Life at Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong 2011-2013

No Week Like China Week

Since saturday afternoon, most firstyears are eventually off campus and the school belongs to us secondyears. All y1 students, that means, all who got a visa to China, are off on China Week, and we are now all alone, only entertained by our piled-up work and long movie nights. This week belongs to us – and the IB. Because China Week, for secondyears, is nothing else than a week full of work. Final drafts? University applications? Improvement of cooking skills? All of that is done these days and nothing much else is happening. There will be a halloween dinner. I might go to Central some day, and to Sai Kung one evening. But the rest of my time is be dedicated to TOK, EE, German and my beloved Higher Levels French, History and Biology. Yesterday night however, before heavy rainfall started this morning and we are literally tied to our rooms, some of my Co-Years and I took an LPCUWC alumni, Rebecca (LPC 2008-2010, from the USA) out for dinner.

As Rebecca had lived in LPC for two years as a UWC student, she knew all the good places in town and we decided to have Indian Food in Chungking Mansions. We met at six in one of our day rooms and took the MTR to Tsim Sha Tsui. On the way, Rebecca told us, how much New Territories, the region where LPC is located in, had changed throughout the years. “These buildings are so incredibly ugly,” she claimed, pointing at the new-built houses right in front of LPC. “I know, they always block the sunset!” I answered, and everybody else agreed. Rebecca told us stories from her ‘hippie college’, and what had determined her search for colleges and universities. She was currently working in Shanghai and is the proud CEO of two companies, one in the US, one in China – at the age of only 21. The conversation continued throughout the whole evening and we enjoyed each other’s company a lot, ending the evening with a short stop at the Victoria Harbor. 

It is always wonderful to host UWC alumni. You learn so much about other people’s perspectives on UWC and the world, hear about all the possibilities you can have as soon as you graduate and gain insight into the most different careers. Rebecca has left LPC again today – and, as expected, we are all back on work. This week is surely not a holiday for us …


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