My Life at Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong 2011-2013

Green Like Emeralds

Hong Kong never fails to surprise you over and over again. Yesterday evening, when walking down the road of LPC campus back to Block 3, I came across a bulk of people standing at its side, starring at something on the ground. “Don’t come closer,” they screamed at me, and then started a big discussion on “how close” one could go. I stood with them and looked at the spot on the road that they were all so thrilled by – and even know I was not surprised – after all we have all sorts of wild animals on campus – , but I was indeed a bit scared: a small, but bright-green and flat-headed snake had twirled itself into a circle and balanced its head right over the ground. It looked just how you would imagine a snake to be represented in a children’s book, except for the fact that this one was real and, even though seemingly young, probably venomous. The red mark on its tale and the shape of its head indicated that this was a young Green Pit Viper, a snake that is rare and venomous but rather causes very painful swellings than death . We all watched it for a whole while, till a guard came with a huge branch, trying to shove it back into the bushes next to the road. The snake slithered back to the road over and over again, and the guard had problems keeping it off himself. Eventually it dropped between the trees and wiggled off. What an evening! I had seen dead snakes around campus before, and had heard of similar stories, but this was surely a première!


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