My Life at Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong 2011-2013

War, Love And Fantasy

As I announced in my previous post, Shari’s and Josés IP and musical ” A Civil Tale” took place yesterday. I watched it together with my tutor group – and was quite impressed by the quality of the play! The musical was inspired by the movie “Pan’s Labyrinth”. It is the story of a young girl, Agata, who escapes into a fantasy world from the circumstances of the Spanish Civil War  between Republicans and Nationalists in the 1930s. Apparently there are many mythological stories from norther Spain which say that “when everything is breaking down, when one feels sad, […] mythological creatures can be a way to escape and avoid problems.” However, as it is the case in “A Civil Tale”, “once these creatures contact someone and become part of his/her fantasy, they will not want to leave her/his mind, driving the victim towards madness or death, hence allowing them to ‘exist’ forever.”

In “A Civil Tale”, Agata begins to imagine a faun who she spends her day with and who she confesses all her secrets to. Eventually this faun is revealed to cooperate with demons and the fairies of the dark, trying – and eventually succeeding – to drive Agata to insanity and suicide. It is indeed a fairy-tale, this play, and I must admit that the story itself did not excite me too much. It was rather the singing and acting skills by the cast that thrilled me. José and Shari had chosen their actors very well and everybody on stage seemed to fit perfectly into his or her role.

The characters I found especially convincing were the demon, played by Farai, the first year from Zimbabwe, with a very cruel and evil laugh and a dark, low voice; the faun, played by Cengiz from Turkey, who barely moved when other characters than Agata were on stage, but who came to life and impressed with a beautiful voice as soon as he was alone with ‘his girl’; José, Agata’s father played by Gabriel from Colombia, who took the audience’s breath with a gripping performance of despair, mourning and patriotism; and, of course, Agata herself, played by Winki from Hong Kong, who did not surprise few of the spectators with her clear and moving singing voice. The tears on her cheeks when singing gave evidence that not only the audience, but she herself was overwhelmed by her own words.

” I’m love with this fairytale, even though it hurts! ‘Cause I don’t care if I lose my mind, I’m already cursed…” – Agata

José’s and Shari’s “Civil Tale” was a great start to the Theatre IP season in LPC this year – both students and teachers who saw the performance yesterday agree on that. Congratulations to the two passionate directors and the wonderful cast of the play!


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