My Life at Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong 2011-2013

Fast and Furious

Right after MESA another big event took place in LPC: our annual triathlon! Over seventeen teams à three members each, and six individual participants competed in the disciplines swimming, running and cycling. As it was the day right after MESA and in the middle of possibly the most stressful time of this term, the number of people who came to watch and support was not as big as last year – yet it eventually became quite a big and fun event! As last year, it started with the swimming competition at the school’s pool, where everybody had to swim 12 laps, then it went on to four rounds of cycling on the school road, and two rounds of running. Again, there was a costume competition for the teams, which was won by Nick, Ayodele and Bilal, three Y1 boys who had dressed as girls. 

We even had Mary, our secondyear and now alumni from Hong Kong, helping with the organization, and actually participating in the event! Everybody was really glad to see her and – as expected – she defended her 1st place as individual female competitor from last year with ease, doing the whole triathlon in 23 minutes 43 seconds. The best individual male competitor finished after 20 minutes 18 seconds and the best team participating ran through the goal after 21 minutes and 11 seconds. Good job! The triathlon was a great way to end the weekend and lots of fun for the whole LPC community. May the results be as good as this next year as well!


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