My Life at Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong 2011-2013

Meeting my readers

This sunday we had Open Day at Li Po Chun United World College and two days before, a reader of my blog, Jocelyn from Hong Kong, contacted me, asking if she could meet me during her visit to LPC! She wrote “when I saw you blog, I was super excited as this provides me a precious chance to know more about your school life in LPC with poetic words and stunning photos. Now, I read your blog every day as it is absorbing and enjoyable. […] I am glad that more than a half students in LPC come from various countries. If I can study in LPC, then I will have a tremendous opportunity to learn from people with different backgrounds. I appreciate LPC does not put much emphasis on exam as most of the local schools do. In HK, I think that students usually are educated to study for marks only. But in LPC, it is very different. That’s why your blog is so intriguing.

So Jocelyn and I set up a time and venue in LPC, and on sunday I waited in the courtyard for her to show up. At the time, LPC students gave performances for the Open Day guests, including Maya and Oda dancing a contemporary dance choreography; a fan dance; and also another staging of the Peace One Day Theatre performance. I took a lot of pictures and when I went for some water, two girls came up to me, asking if I was Lara. I said yes and the two girls got really excited, introducing themselves as Jocelyn and Alice. I made them watch the last performance and then took them around for a short tour. I showed them my room and they came with me to pick up my laundry, I also took them to the gym and sports hall and just generally around campus. I think it was especially exciting for the two girls, to see all the places and faces from my blog in real life, e.g. my room and the actual courtyard with it’s gigantic blue posters all around and the bright blue pool right beside. The two asked many questions about IB, the UWC selection process in Germany, German traditions and customs, my future plans and the all-day-life in LPC. It was a nice, short, but also deep conversation and I’m very glad that I got to actually meet two of my blog readers!


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