My Life at Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong 2011-2013

Worldwide newspapers are reporting it already: The happiness of Hong Kong’s Mid-Autumn has been cut down heavily on monday night. Two Hong Kong ferries have collided near Lamma Island. One of them had been organized by the energy company Hongkong Electric for its employees and carried many families with children. They were on their way to see the National Day fireworks at the Victoria Harbour when another ferry collided with their boat. Over 100 people off the company’s ferry ended up in the harbor water, 36 have been confirmed dead so far and several are still fighting for their lives in hospital. Children have been confirmed to be among the casualties. The company’s ferry sunk within ten minutes, while the other boat managed to drive to the harbor without further damages. Many people are still missing, possibly still trapped in the sunken ferry, and the search for survivors or victims continues. According to, a representative of Hongkong Electric said: “The first of october is a very cheerful holiday, but now it became a tragedy.” May the victims and casualties rest in peace †

Sources and further articles on the incident:


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