My Life at Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong 2011-2013

A Tribute To Nature

Living and learning in LPC is not all about us students though: we serve the community and nature too! To fulfill this part of the UWC mission on the UWC Day as well, staff and students had organized an afternoon of action in which we students and teachers went to three different places in Hong Kong, to clean them up. One group went to the beach; and two groups went to barbecue areas on hiking trails, so they cleaned the barbecue pits first and then had the opportunity to hike! I was very happy when I read that I had been allocated in one of the hiking groups. So after lunch, in a group with around 40 other students, we were brought to the Hung Mui Kuk Nature Trail in the Lion Rock Country Park in Tai Wai. 

We were given brooms, gloves and metal brushes and started cleaning the area: scrubbing dirt off the bins, brushing food rests and coal off the barbecue pits, sweeping leaves, branches and left-over packages from the ground … there was a lot to do! After we had cleaned the barbecue area as much as possible, we left the place and took the Nature Trail Hike up the mountain for around twenty minutes. It was a short but rather challenging hike, leading us through the bushes on a thin sandy path. Eventually we came to a road-like hiking track where we rested for a while, before hiking back down the mountain. Signs around the street made walkers and hikers pay attention to possible monkeys in the trees – but unfortunately, we didn’t see any. The view onto Tai Wai was really beautiful and worth the hike though! 

It was a good afternoon of action. We came back to campus just before dinner – sucked out by mosquitos, heavily sweating, and endlessly proud of our work!


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