My Life at Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong 2011-2013

UWC: A Constant Challenge

In a United World College we are always up for some new challenges. The UWC Day workshops aimed exactly at this curiosity and readiness towards exploration. There were many different opportunities for us to learn something new: Kung Fu, African Drumming, Psychology, Theatre … I took part in Taiko Drumming. Do you know these gigantic Japanese drums, played by extremely muscular men and women? Yeah, those are Taiko Drums! I saw the famous group Yamato in Germany some years ago and was stunned by the music and rhythm, so I was very eager to learn this myself at some point in my life! 

We were taught a Taiko song by a young girl who is part of the ‘Women’s Taiko Drummer Club’ in Hong Kong, and it was a lot of fun! The song is called “Korekara” (これから), which means “From Now On” in Japanese. Taiko drummers don’t read their music off sheets, like an orchestra or ensemble, but memorize their complete pieces right from the beginning. This is relatively easy when playing individually, but becomes much more difficult when playing as a group. Yet, we all put all our efforts and motivation into it and at the end of only an hour we had learned a three-minute-Taiko-song by heart! Isn’t that amazing! UWC really gives me opportunities that I could not have anywhere else. Certainly, I would have found some Taiko-Workshop in Germany – but learning so much about another culture together with 2o students from all over the world? Never! At Li Po Chun United World College we do not only challenge ourselves all the time – starting with the IB-curriculum and ending with exactly these kind of new experiences – but we do so as an international community: together, in harmony and peacefully. UWC has taught me that whatever you do – never do it alone. Always let somebody be part of your progress. Only if we work together we can actually move something. Only if we work together we can succeed at the bigger scale. I think, this is why so many of us students still believe in changing the world: we see that it is a big challenge, but we also see that it works. We see it every day.


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