My Life at Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong 2011-2013

When We Grow Up …

There is a first time for everything, especially when you are at LPC. The first Café of the year, with the theme: When I grow up, I want to be… was as usual a full success, with the courtyard being full of people dressed up and waiting for the show. The variety of costumes and ideas was enormous – and not often serious: we had indigenous Americans, Batman and Superwoman, a number of ballerinas, quite a few business women and politicians, a rabbi and a priest (as seen in the picture on the left: Shani from Israel and Khetiwe from South-Africa), two Chinese monks, several hippies and eremites, a couple of pedophile teachers (our boys had a lot of fun dressing up as that), three students who dressed up as the Secondyear from Kenia, a swimmer and a runner, Paris Hilton, an Arab sheikh and many more. 

^ These four students are all supposed to be one: Salma, the 2nd person from the left! 

The two moderators of the evening were Adam, from the US, and Precious, from Nigeria. Precious has dressed up as Adam and Adam threw off his blanket after the first cookie break, revealing himself as Nicki Minaj. He wore a big leopard-patterned bra under his shirt, and a pillow in the back of his skirt – it looked simply hilarious! 

The first Café was a very good representation of the diversity of talents we have here in LPC. A student from Sierra Leone told us jokes; a first year from Mongolia showed off his dancing skills; three students from Ecuador, Tajikistan and Zambia had joined their musical talents and came up with a mix of singing, guitar playing, drumming and rapping (!); two of us Secondyears revived a song that our Secondyear had dedicated to us last year; two of our theatre students carried out a sketch; and there were many more great performances in line.

Even today, after one year of being in LPC already, I still think that Café is an amazing opportunity for our community to come together, enjoy some free time and become witnesses of all the wonderful talents gathered in our school. In Café, every skill and every show is welcome, and even if people don’t like or understand what they see, they applaud and cheer just for the fact that the performer is up there on stage, taking a risk and maybe even challenging him- or herself. In this community we are all risk takers in some way or another and the good thing about that in LPC is that whatever you do, you will always be supported by the others.


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