My Life at Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong 2011-2013

Time To Shine

After the International Dinner, all Firstyears, teachers and even some Thirdyears gathered in the courtyard, ready to watch the Secondyears’ show. We Secondyears were meanwhile all backstage, all excited from head to toes and all horribly disorganized. However, the show had to start at some point – and eventually, it went better than expected! The story of the International Cultural Evening was wrapped in the context of the Olympic Games. The different regional groups of LPC all presented their own way of handling this sport event. 

Everything started with the Chinese / local cultural group, who presented their ‘competitions’ in the setting of the Beijing Olympics 2008. Their tournament consisted of a few dances, which were mainly derived from the Chinese Cultural Evening, and – of course – the lion and dragon dancers, who performed HipHop! The second cultural group was the European one and of course we had our London Olympics 2012 as setting for the scene! It all started with the different countries’ delegations coming on stage. The proud, rich and punctual Germans were represented; the Queen of Britain; the fierce, loud Vikings from the North; the Spanish team had come by foot all the way from Spain, as they didn’t have the money to pay for transport; and eventually – very late – the Greek team arrived in London. Unfortunately, the Greeks had to swim all the way to Britain, because they couldn’t afford any transport either, and of the swimming team only one competitor had made it to London. When all Olympic teams were on stage, the Queen, rather bored by the whole show, opened the Olympics with the Eurovision Song Contest Winner of 2012 ‘Euphoria’ by Loreen and all Europeans danced to it. Another part of the European Olympics was ‘dressage’, which basically meant that ‘horses’ from the different countries galloped on stage and competed with their different regional dances. At last there was a bike race, which was won by Greece and made the Greek athlete win the gold medal. The scene ended with the Greek trying to sell the medal to the audience in order to make some money. Here you can see the first parts of the European scene: Enjoy!

Next in the line was MESA: The Middle-East-South-Asian group from LPC. As usual, their plot was all about love and marriage: A poor guy wants to marry a girl but has to convince her parents. After several failed athletic attempts which all aimed at being part of the Olympics, the loving young boy had to use his last weapon. “I know one last thing I can do to convince you,” he tells his girl’s mother. “What are you going to do,” she asks unimpressed, “dance?” A big smile on the boy’s face appears. “Exactly!” And the next thing you could see was a typical Bollywood dance, with beautiful girls, smitten boys and a very well dancing rabbi. It had been a lot of fun to practice this dance, and performing it was even better! The person I asked to do it unfortunately only filmed the second half of the dance, but I think it’s enough to show you the MESA spirit! Here comes Chammak Challo:

The whole show was simply amazing. Even though we had a couple of irregularities with transitions and the AV Team (Audio-Visual Support), they did not matter as facing a wonderful show where everybody, really everybody was involved with their whole mind and heart. 

APEC, our co-years from the Asia-East-Pacific region, including e.g. Korea, Burma, New Zealand and Australia, brought up a pretty awesome show as well. With a huge amount of self-sarcasm, they served all clichés there could be: flood on the Philippines, kiwi- and school-children-eating Kangaroos from Australia, hordes of sheep in New Zealand and elephant races from Indonesia were all used to represent the region. Eventually, APEC was about to go home with no single medal, but hundreds of “participation certificates”, as the moderator mockingly announced – but luckily, they came up with one last thing to make their region proud … K-Pop, of course. O-ppa gang-nam style!

Woah, what a performance! The next regional groups on stage were ACE (Africa) and NACE (North America). While our Africans stayed very close to the Olympics being an actual sports event, featuring Usain Bolt, the North Americans could obviously not get around Justin Bieber. They made the young popstar fight a Canadian grizzly bear  and – surprisingly – the boy won. “Well, I didn’t expect that,” was the comment by the NACE moderator, while the other moderator crawled behind Justin leaving the stage, desperately trying to get hold of his legs. 

Both regional groups were also not lacking dances, but they were not able to hold a candle to our dearest Latin-Americans! They, even though they were on their way to the Olympics in London, got distracted by – who else – a group of beautiful girls who themselves were just about to go to the Salsa Club. “We are Olympics Champions,” the boys brag, smitten by those lovely girls in short glittery outfits. The Latinas though simply flash their eyelashes and giggle a little: “Will you be our Salsa Champions?” The heart wins over the mind and the Latinos take the girls to the Salsa club. Even though that means they are too late for the Olympics in the end and missed the whole tournament, the dancing session is clearly worth it …

With this, the International Cultural Evening came to an end. Before the Closing Dance started, Arnett gave a last Welcoming Speech for the Firstyears. “In the beginning of the week I welcomed you to LPC; to Hongkong and to the UWC movement. Now, one week has passed and you are pretty much a part of LPC, a part of this movement,” he said, smiling at the Firstyears in the audience, “give yourselves a round of applause for that!” Eventually he congratulated us Secondyears for the amount of work we did the past week. “This is what leadership is about!” Arnett stated, and his words were underlined with cheers from the Firstyears. Arnett’s speech wasn’t long, but it included the most important aspect of the life at LPC: Community. And as a community, we Secondyears brought the Orientation Week of 2012 to an end:

What an amazing week! What an awesome show! What a wonderful school! Once again I absolutely fell in love with this place, with these people, with this movement. Bringing 130 students from all over the world onto one stage, with the goal of surprising and fascinating a new bunch of 130 people from all over the world – where else can you find this other than in a United World College! School starts again tomorrow, and I am overly excited. This year will be as great as the last one – I simply know.


Comments on: "Time To Shine" (2)

  1. ich muss sagen, wenn man das alles auf ein minimum runterbrechen würde, beschrieben die worte “overwhelming” “amazing” und “community” deine beiträge am besten :)

  2. Lara, this is so beautiful. Seeing all these videos and reading your words made tears come to my eyes and if I’m very honest, a couple of them fell. I’m so proud of all you first years. That was a fantastic show and I really hope that your firsties appreciated it. I know I did :)

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