My Life at Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong 2011-2013

Time for Music Night!

Yesterday evening, after the Firstyears had come back from Camp and we Secondyears had successfully initiated a Campus Flea Market, it was time for the very first Music Night of the year 2012-2013! The whole school came together in the canteen to listen to some great songs and pieces sung and played by LPC Students! Ensemble was the first group to pull of their show. Matthew, Chloe, Teddy and Felix from Hong Kong and I played the string version of Coldplay’s famous song ‘Viva La Vida’:

The applause was overwhelming! I was not only involved in the Ensemble Performance though, but also in a small ‘surprise’ that some of my European Co-Years and I had prepared for the evening. The roots of this surprise went back to one of our International Cultural Evening rehearsals, when we all lay in a circle by the poolside, waiting for our scene to start. At some point, one of us – I don’t remember who – started singing ‘Father John’, also known as ‘Bruder Jakob’ in German or ‘Frère Jacques’ in French. The song exists in nearly every single language and is sung as a canon – most of you will know it as well! So when we started singing it all together, while casually lying on the ground and watching the stars above, each one of us sang it in their own language. It sounded weird in the beginning, but after a while we got used to the different tones and words and it became one of those unique moments that you will never forget because they were simply so peaceful. To share this international and multicultural piece of joy with the rest of the community, we decided to perform it at this Music Night. Enjoy!

Many people sang along with us in their different languages and a huge smile was spreading over all faces. Promoting international and cultural understanding? Check, we got that UWC Value for sure! Another surprise was waiting for the audience shortly after us: Mo, our Secondyear from Hong Kong who graduated last year, had come to visit and came on stage with two of her former roommates and another of us Secondyears, to sing a last song to us. And as always, she played to it with her tiny Ukulele … 

Another stunning performances was brought to our eyes by our two dancers Maya from Israel and Oda from Norway. The two have both been engaged in Ballet before coming to LPC and lead the Modern Dance Quan Cai ‘Eclipse Dance’. Their dance shows in LPC are breathtaking, fascinating and thrilling – every time again:

Eventually the music night came to an end after about 90 minutes. Before we all spread into different directions and went back to our blocks though, we had a last performance from our two proud Brazilians Amanda and Paolina, who wanted to use the Music Night to sing a tribute to their country for its Independence Day

Of course the performances I wrote about were not the only ones. We had several other duets, mostly including a singer and a guitarist, a choir staging and, of course, also the LPC Acapella Group gave a small presentation of their skills. The whole evening was a full success and a lot of fun. Some of the performances were very emotional, especially when dedicated to roommates or former Secondyears, and some of us Secondyears were literally moved to tears. I think the combination of showings was perfect to introduce the Firstyears to the not only cultural but also musical diversity we host here at Li Po Chun United World College!


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