My Life at Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong 2011-2013

Variety of Creativity

The Quan Cai Fair in LPC that we Secondyears organized for the Firstyears this week was simply amazing!! It represented the whole variety of the CAS (Creativity, Action, Service) Program we have at LPC. In total we can proudly offer 82 activities, with 19 creative ones, 20 which are active, 20 which focus on campus service and 23 that serve the community! We don’t only have a broad choice, we can also choose the details: You want to dance? Well, we don’t only have ballet, Eclipse dance or Latin-American Dance, but a total of seven dance activities! And apart from the Campus Ecologists we have four other groups who focus on the environment. Wow!

To present the different Quan Cais in the best possible way, each group or activity prepared a table with information material, videos or other requisites around the Courtyars. We also had several random performances: the Latinas taught some other people Salsa and Capoeira, and the circus group showed off their diabolo- and poi-skills, while their leading teacher, Jon, created balloon animals for everybody who wanted them. Interestingly, the most amazing performances were created when different Quan Cais came together and joined their forces: Our two ballerinas Tara from Lebanon and Kim from Mauritius danced to the violin music from Matthew, a local student who leads and represented Ensemble; 

Catherine, my roomie from Hong Kong, played diabolo with her sword (!) and Jon, the balloon-artist mentioned  above, even crafted her a silvern balloon sword! 

I helped out at many different stands, – wherever I was needed – and thus got a very good overview about the diversity of Quan Cais we actually host here in LPC. It was a pure pleasure to see the Firstyears gazing at us Secondyears dancing, playing instruments, playing football, doing Taekwondo, spinning Poi-chains, fencing and singing all together and all at the same time in the small green area we call Courtyard, full of joy and happiness … and it reminded us, that our time here in LPC is actually not all about IB – even if it seems like that these days – but more about the general experience and the opportunity to challenge yourself by doing activities you might have never done anywhere else.


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