My Life at Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong 2011-2013

Welcome, Welcome!

“Hong Kong is a place that never stays still. It is inspiring, huge and simply magnificent. Welcome to China! Welcome to Hong Kong! Welcome to Li Po Chun United World College!” With these and similar words, three of us Secondyears welcomed the Firstyears to the 2012 Welcoming Show of LPC on sunday evening. Mia welcomed them in Mandarin, John in English and Michelle in Cantonese – quite an impressive language performance, at least for the Firstyears! Like in a Cultural Evening we all sat together around the courtyard, the old grey show mats had been rolled over the grass and the performances, all about Chinese traditions and cultures, were simply stunning and breathtaking.

We started the show with a welcoming video. It consisted of the lipdup video we had prepared last year together with our own Secondyears and ended with warm words of ‘welcome’ towards the Firstyears. The video played for not even four minutes but especially on us Secondyears it had the wonderful effect of bringing back all those beautiful memories from last year and reminding of us, once again, of the fact, that LPCUWC is indeed now our second home.

After the welcoming video we went on to present the representatives of Chinese culture in LPC: Dragon Dance, Lion Dance and Fan Dance. The lions showed off the whole variety of their moves: air kicks, roll-overs, jumps and turns. The choreography clearly reflected how professional they had become in this activity over the past year, and while the Firstyears were only stunned by the colorful lions dancing to hip-hop-music, we Secondyears were simply proud of the success of our peers! 

The same thing with the dragon team: HEHA HA! they yelled and ran into the courtyard, whirling their gigantic dragon through the air – the huge, fierce-looking head first, followed by the long, snake-like, twisting body and the wiggling green tail. Especially José, my Co-Year from Spain, received a lot of applause, as he is the only oversea student in the dragon team.

The whole show was short, but sweet. It lasted not even 45 minutes, but that was enough to overwhelm the Firstyears (and us Secondyears as well!) with emotions! I think the Firstyears got exactly the right impression of the LPC community: cheerful, happy, loud and committed. And even though we hadn’t met most of them till a few hours before the show, it brought us together a little more. I believe that our LPC shows are the essence of our community, apart from all the other activities we come together for. The Cultural Evenings and diverse shows represent the diversity that we host here on campus and every single time it is a true honor to sit in the courtyard together with students from nearly 100 nations, cheering, screaming and laughing in a common language for a common reason: fun! The welcoming show was the  first occasion for us Secondyears to pass on that feeling to our Firstyears. And it worked brilliantly! Even though they were still a little shy and unsure in the beginning of the show and more or less petrified by the wonders of our performances, they quickly opened up and in the end they roared and applauded in the same way as we Secondyears. The atmosphere was marvelous and it was a first step towards to forming of a new gigantic campus family …


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