My Life at Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong 2011-2013

Before the first firstyears arrive – some are already coming today! – my tutor group decided to go out for a tutor group lunch. Currently we are only five secondyears in our tutor group: Precious from Nigeria, Michelle from Hong Kong, Raya from Iraq, Vincent from China and me, the German. But soon we will be twice as many! We are all very excited already and try to ‘calculate’ what nationalities we might have in our blocks, tutor groups and even rooms. But as I said, we needed a bit time off together with Julie before life in LPC would turn back to the ‘normal’ mode. 

So yesterday we all went out together. As we are all a bit stuck between several meetings, welcoming show rehearsals and our TOK presentations we did not go too far away from campus, but decided to check out the local restaurant that I walk passed all the time when I’m on my way to the next supermarket. They serve Dim Sum there, which is this special type of Chinese food served in small portions but in great varieties. We had shrimp and meat buns, vegetables that I have never seen before, noodles with porc and soup … the meal was simple but delicious, and really brought us back into the “Hong-Kong-Mood”! Willow, the small baby girl of Julie and Marj has grown into a toddler over summer and can actually walk on her own, and she even talks and sings! Precious got really excited when Willow said her name, and when Julie sang ‘Twinkle twinkle little star’, Willow joined! I clearly think, our tutor group has a baby fever… And the others in restaurant probably thought, we were pretty weird, as well: everybody watched us! We were the only non-locals, and even though we had a girl from Hongkong and a boy from China with us, the combination of Julie and Willow, an African, a European and a girl from Middle-East eating Dim Sum together was probably not something the other restaurant visitors saw every day. On the other hand, we were not quite used to the atmosphere either. We sat a round a gigantic round table and the dishes were served in small wooden boxes. Right next to our table the door to the kitchen and storage rooms stood open and we had a wonderful view on the slaughtered pigs that hung there on the wall. The employees kept on coming to our table and tried to sell us more food than we actually wanted. And Precious took Willow for several walks around the restaurant – while people tried to touch her African hair, completely astonished by its texture. Yet we had a lot of fun: Julie talked to us about our plans for activities with the firstyears, motivated us for our TOK presentations and we simply had a lot of good food. I think we are now all much more prepared for the firstyears. Actually, I can’t wait to meet and welcome them to our beautiful little tutor family! 


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  1. seeing happy people and remembering happy memories might just be one of the most beautiful experiences one can possibly imagine.

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