My Life at Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong 2011-2013

The Best Possible Visitor

Yesterday afternoon, I was really surprised. I was just working on my Internal Assessment (IA) for History, when somebody knocked at the door. Catherine and me both got up, but I went to open the door. I looked through the gap between the door and its frame and guess who’s face I saw?! It was John, my buddy! He graduated at the end of my first year in LPC and we didn’t have the chance to say goodbye to each other. Now he had come to campus to visit, and you just can’t imagine how happy I was to see him! I started laughing, and while our room’s door slammed shut behind me, I gave him a huge hug. “Uhm, do you have your key?” he asked. Oops, I had totally forgotten that! So now we knocked again and Catherine had to open the door for us. I showed John my new room and then we went downstairs to visit Julie, Marj and Willow. Like in the ‘good old times’ of last year we sat on Julie’ couch and chatted about universities, summer jobs and traveling, and John updated us on his summer and university preparations. Even Willow was really happy to see John and smiled all over her face – while secretly feeding the dogs with grapes and cookies under the table. She even got to show off her walking skills once again! 

John’s visit just made me realize how much I actually missed my buddy and all the other of my Secondyears over summer, and he also opened my eyes even more for that big hole that the Secondyears left, and which the new Firstyears will have to try to fill. On one hand it seems cruel that life and time at a UWC pass so quickly: You have only one year to get to know all your Secondyears or Firstyears, and when you just managed to get closer to some of them, when the gap between First- and Secondyears has finally become so small, that we do seem like a big community, just then you are ripped apart again. On the other hand, this is what makes the friendships we gain here so special. They are formed, like a diamond, under lots of pressure and in so short time, but they are as true and lovely as they can possibly become. Even though I might see some of my Secondyears – and later the Firstyears, and even my Co-Years – never again, I do know, that if we should ever find back to each other, nothing will have changed – just like yesterday! -, and that wherever I will travel, I will know somebody. And that is just the best feeling on earth.


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