My Life at Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong 2011-2013

As if nothing changed …

The first day of school started slowly. When I sat in my French class at 7.30 I was widely awake and ready to go, as I had already gone to the gym in the morning and had breakfast in bed. In most of our courses we continued immediately with the teaching schedule for the second year after a few briefings about expectations and marking schemes. My French teacher let us talk about our summer holidays, and how French was involved in them … but when my co-year told her that she had read Harry Potter in French, she only shook her head. We directly started with the new topic ‘Communication and Media’ and she explained the new exam system to us. The other classes were very similar and in most of them, we already got lots of homework, deadlines and tests coming up!

We Secondyears have settled very well so far. Nothing has really changed: Mosquitos are still all over LPC and probably enjoy the feast of fresh meat that we offer them; the air conditioners work in competition with sun and humidity (90%!); and the canteen still serves exactly the same food. Only yesterday evening, for our first dinner, we had a special brunch with sushi, brownies, honey melon, different types of salads and much more! We all hugged the kitchen chief and filled our plates with as much as we could grab. Apart from the missing Thirdyears many of whom are are at their universities already, everything stayed as it was. Time seems to have stood still during the summer. Outside of the campus though, change simply booms: New buildings have been built during the summer and they have started a shopping mall right next to campus. The biggest surprise however was when this afternoon – I just wanted to go to a nearby mall with my co-year Michi and Alisher from Tajikistan to buy hooks and other things for our rooms – we came along a huge cow right in front of LPC! It simply sat on a patch of grass between the two roads and chewed and chewed and chewed. It did not move, but it was still a little scary, as its horns did not look very harmless … What an amazing first day!


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