My Life at Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong 2011-2013

Relaxed And Unpacked

The first day has been a blast. After I had met a lot of co-years at the airport and spent a whole bus trip – once again – talking, I collected my keys, new visa forms and my student year planer at the guard house and finally entered my huge new room. My corner is indeed much bigger now, and even if I can’t see Starfish Bay because tons of trees cover our window, this room is just wonderful. I spent my evening unpacking a little, meeting all the other people, exchanging stories about the summer experience and basically hugging everybody who crossed my way. Then, today, I slept incredibly long to get rid of my jet lag. After I had barely slept in the plane, this much sleep was just the best thing I could do – and I could start my sunday relaxed and refreshed. I carried my last boxes into my room – my co-year from Tajikistan had helped me the evening before with the very heavy boxes and bags – and continued unpacking and decorating my room.

Unbelievable, how many books I have here: library books, school books, SAT books, German books … Not all of my clothes fit into the closet either, so I store some in the underbid trays, next to my curtains which I haven’t put up yet. My bed is right in front of the window so that I can wake up to the sunlight, and I changed my desk position so that I face the wall when working and can stick notes, pictures and schedules onto the wall. The amount of pencils and pens I collected, bought or received during the last year does not even fit into the pencil jar I bought last year! Medicine and winter clothes are stored on my closet, in big cartons.

After my room finally looked nice and cosy I wanted to walk to the nearby supermarket Wellcome to buy water, oatmeal and some fruits. But on my way I came across a taxi, from which my roomie Catherine waved to me. I immediately turned back and welcomed her in front of Block 3. I was really happy to see her – eventually the room wouldn’t be that boring anymore, as it had been all day over, when I was still alone in it. Now that she has decorated it as well, our room looks very comfortable indeed. The first year corners next to the door are still empty and look extremely neat and clean, but for the moment we store our suitcases and empty storage boxes in them.

In the afternoon I went to visit my tutor family. Julie, Marj and Willow are all well, and they warmly welcomed me back to LPC. They offered me some water – the heat outside is unbearable! – and we talked about our summer experiences, traveling, classes, the report cards and much more for about an hour, while watching Willow showing off her ‘walking skills’. I spent a lovely time on their couch and it made me feel even more comfortable about being back in LPC. It reminded me that I do have a kind of family here, too, who cares for me and makes sure everything is alright. Now that everything is set up and I have met all of my friends already, I am ready to start the new term tomorrow. 7:30 – my French teacher already reminded me!


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